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DMCA - The official statement on the protection of Ninura's content on the web.


This blog is fully managed by the Ninura team which can be accessed at the address All forms of statements and rules on this blog are adjusted to the rules directly on the official DMCA page belonging to Ninura. Below is a copy of the content of the DMCA Ninura page. states that all content, whether text, graphics, audio or other things on this web is the property of which is protected through DMCA. As for other content that is not a property of such as icons, scripts and others, it has been confirmed that it is copyright-free or may be used for non-commercial or commercial general purposes.

HOW TO USE does not limit the duplication/copy of digital property from with the following conditions:

Include's written credit on the page where the content is loaded (either text or a link).

Do not use our content for prohibited actions / loading on porn sites / gambling sites / scam sites / phishing sites / other sites that are against the law.


If in the future Ninura finds a deviation from the Usage Procedure for content, then has the right to unilaterally take down or take legal action according to applicable regulations.


Hereby asks for your cooperation and assumes that you fully agree to this.

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