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Blog Placement

Blog Placement - In this article, I will explain about the blog placement in Ninura. For those of you who are interested in placing an ad or doing a blog placement on a blog managed by Ninura, please read on.

There are many ways to go to Rome.

That's the old saying. Promoting a product or business is one of the problems that a businessman often has. However, many also offer promotional services to help solve the problems experienced by these business people.

Similar to other bloggers, I also open up opportunities to collaborate through article reviews, article placements and advertisement placements.

Advertisement Placement

The slots I offer are as follows:

  1. Leaderboard (1 slot): IDR 150,000/month (Indonesia) or 10 USD/month (International)
  2. Sidebar Square Banner (1 slot): IDR 100,000/month (Indonesia) or 8 USD/month (International)

Ads can be in the form of text or images. Ads will be given a dofollow link to the destination address so that it can boost SEO from advertisers.

Article Placement

Article Placement adalah fasilitas yang saya sediakan untuk kamu yang mau menaruh artikel bersponsor di blog Ninura. Artikel dan semua konten media seperti gambar, audio atau video yang ingin disematkan disediakan oleh pengiklan sehingga tugas saya hanyalah menaruh dan mengoptimasi konten tersebut agar sesuai dengan kaidah SEO dari Ninura.

Article Placement yang dimuat di blog Ninura dapat mengandung dofollow link dalam jumlah yang tidak terbatas (selama tidak spamming) dan hanya tertuju pada satu alamat yang sama.

Article Placement yang sudah dimuat juga akan permanen di blog ini dan tidak akan dihapus sehingga article placement dapat dikatakan sebagai investasi jangka panjang untuk pengembangan usaha atau website kamu.

Article Review

Article Review is an article slot where I will review the site or product that I want to review. The review that I write will be objective in that I will mention the advantages and disadvantages of the product I am reviewing. Even so, of course I still follow the marketing rules where I will highlight the sales points (advantages) of the sites or products that I review.

In Article Review, it is my writing style, supporting media such as images or audio and video that will provide and adjust to the context. Even so, advertisers are allowed to submit content that if they want to be inserted in Review articles, such as:

  • Target Keywords
  • Product taglines
  • Product details
  • Image that must be attached
  • And other technical stuff.

I also do not close the door for revisions if there are typos or content that is not pleasing to advertisers.


There are a few things to note:

  • The prices mentioned above can change at any time according to the quality of the blog and market prices.
  • I only accept one article placement/article review per week. So if there are two or more requests, I will prioritize the one who orders first. I do this so that the readers of this blog are not disturbed and can read the article placement / article review that is installed carefully.

The prices for article placements and article reviews are discussed and adjusted according to demand and ability. If something is unclear or you want to ask, please ask via the comments column below. If you are interested in trying one of the available placements, please contact Ninura via the contacts provided at Contact.


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