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Ninura 2021 SEO Blogger Template - Prime Ninura Premium Template

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    Ninura 2021 SEO Blogger Template - Prime Ninura Premium Template - Hi everybody. This time I want to introduce and promote my first work in the blogging world, which is a custom template for the Blogger platform. Carrying a retro theme with comic elements that still prioritizes SEO elements and fast loading blogs. I named this template Ninura 2021 SEO Blogger Template. For those of you who are curious and want to know more, please read below.



    This template is the first premium template that I created and I use for the Ninura blog in 2021. I created this template by prioritizing SEO and loading speed. Therefore, I named this template Ninura 2021 SEO.

    The design of this template is inspired by old comics. So this template is more suitable for personal blogs. Even so, this template can fit into any writing theme because the colors are not too flashy.

    To know more about this template, please read the Features and Advantages section or you can check the demo blog by pressing the following button:

    Features and Pros

    SEO Optimized with Recent Updates

    The SEO concept applied to this template has been adapted to the latest SEO update in 2021 so it is perfect for those of you who want to play SEO.

    Fast Loading

    Template ini saya buat seminimalis mungkin dan sebisa mungkin mengurangi penggunaan kode yang berlebihan. Dengan begitu, load bisa menjadi lebih cepat. Ini bisa dibuktikan melalui hasil test di Google Pagespeed Insight dan Web Dev seperti pada gambar di bawah:

    Pagespeed Desktop - Homepage

    Pagespeed Mobile - Homepage

    Pagespeed Desktop - Post

    Pagespeed Mobile - Post

    Pagespeed Desktop - Static Page

    Pagespeed Mobile - Static Page

    Responsive and Mobile Friendly

    This template was created using the flexbox format. The design is responsive and mobile friendly. This can be proven from the following Mobile-Friendly Test results:

    Ads and AdSense Ready

    This template has been made to be ready to be placed ads (AdSense or other ads). You don't have to bother going to the EDIT HTML section to place ads. All you can do through the Layout menu.

    Blogger Widget Full Support

    I made this template to fully support all the default Blogger widgets. As you can see in the demo blog, all of my default Blogger widgets are displayed on the blog page, even so, it doesn't reduce the performance or loading of the Blog at all.

    2 Comment System

    When using this template, you can choose 2 types of comment fields, namely Blogger or Disqus. However, considering the functionality, I'm only giving options options and it's not possible to implement both at the same time.

    Dark Mode

    This template is equipped with a feature that 'he says' is contemporary, namely the Dark Mode feature. You can also adjust this dark mode feature easily through the Customize menu.


    The Ninura 2021 SEO Blogger template I have also prepared a safelink feature that you can apply easily. You can use this feature to increase the CTR of your blog because the safelink pattern applied is two clicks. Safelink that is implemented can also use the password feature for each link. For more details, you can check this safelink feature on the demo blog.

    Valid CSS3 - Homepage

    Valid CSS3 - Post

    Valid CSS3 - Static

    Valid Schema Rich Snippet

    The Ninura 2021 SEO Blogger template has been set to a valid Schema Rich Snippet result so that search results are more optimal. The Rich Snippets that are applied are:

    1. Sitelink Search on the Homepage page.
    2. Breadcrumbs on the post page.
    3. Blog Post on post pages and static pages.



    IDR 140K


    USD 10


    1. Remove Footer Credit
    2. Unlimited Domain
    3. Full Support via WhatsApp
    4. Free Update

    How to Buy

    If you are interested in using the premium version of this template, please contact me via one of the following channels:

    Contact via WhatsApp

    Contact via Email

    Note: For those of you who use the free version of this template, you don't get support for errors, bugs and others that occur in the template.


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    v1.0 (7 October 2021)

    • Release.

    v1.1.0 (15 October 2021)

    • Fixed occasional broken thumbnails (especially articles without images).
    • Added infinite scroll feature.
    • Improved Head Meta Tags for SEO purposes.
    • Added effects to elements that apply lazy load.
    • Improved layout and scripts for in-article ads.


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