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The Fourth Weapon (Rare) of Nagamasa Azai (Samurai Warriors 2)

The Fourth Weapon (Rare) of Nagamasa Azai (Samurai Warriors 2) - This time I will share a guide on how to get a rare weapon (rare weapon) from the character Nagamasa Azai in the game Samurai Warriors 2. For those of you who like to play this game and want to get a rare weapon from this character, please read further.

Weapon Details

Weapon Name: King's Honor

Element: Lightning / Electric

Base Attack: 45


  • Slot 1: Attack +19
  • Slot 2: Attack +16
  • Slot 3: Defense +17
  • Slot 4: Ride +18
  • Slot 5: Ride +17
  • Slot 6: Musou Charge +20
  • Slot 7: Musou Charge +19
  • Slot 8: Musou Charge +17

Conditions To Get

None of our officers died (except for one killed by Katsuie Shibata), kill all enemy officers in less than 10 minutes and destroy enemy Transport Units.


Stage 3 - Defense of Odani Castle


  1. Once the game starts, go ahead and kill Hidemasa Hori and Saizo Kani. There is no need to wait for mission notifications because there are no special missions for these two officers.
  2. After that, proceed towards Nagahide Niwa and Nagachika Kanamori. Kill the two officers after the mission appears to take over the fortress of Mt. Jizu.
  3. Next, head towards Ranmaru Mori. Kill Ranmaru Mori and Ujisato Gamo. Not long after you defeat Ranmaru Mori, an ambush team from Mitsuhide Akechi will appear. Also kill Mitsuhide Akechi after he appears.
  4. Then, Hideyoshi Toyotomi would break through the walls of the central fortress. Go after Hideyoshi and kill him before he enters the main castle. When you enter the central fort, you will be ambushed by 3 officers. Kill the three of them after you kill Hideyoshi. Make sure you kill Hideyoshi after the mission appears to prevent Hideyoshi from entering the castle.
  5. After killing Hideyoshi and the mission is successful, defeat the three officers who ambushed you at the center fortress.
  6. After killing the three officers who ambushed you in the central fortress, go to where Kiyotsuna Akao is and help him deal with the 2 officers who attacked him. Make sure you arrive quickly before Kiyotsuna Akao dies.
  7. After that, go to Tsunachika Kaiho's place and help him defeat Katsuie Shibata. Make sure you kill Katsuie after a mission to protect Kingo Ward.
  8. After Katsuie Shibata is killed, Oda will summon Toshiie Maeda and Tsuneoki Ikeda. Go after them and kill them before they get close and kill Oichi. At almost the same time No (Nohime) and Nobutada Oda appear to guard the gate. Just ignore them both.
  9. After killing Toshiie and Tsuneoki, Nagamasa will order the troops to attack. At the same time the Transport Unit of the enemy appears. Pursue and kill the Supply Captain of the Transport Unit before he reaches the drop off location.
  10. If you catch up and kill the Supply Captain, you will receive a notification "A valueable item has been discovered!" will emerge from the Supply Captain's corpse earlier.
  11. Take the weapon that appears.
  12. Complete the game and make sure you win the game.
That's a little information that I can share about the fourth weapon of Nagamasa Azai's character in Samurai Warriors 2. If the valuable item notification does not appear, there are several possibilities as follows:
  • You complete the task before the mission notification appears.
  • One of the missions you failed to carry out.
  • One of your officers you failed to protect (killed).
  • The Supply Captain of the Transport Unit escapes.

If something is still unclear or you want to ask, please ask via the comments column below. Thank you and see you in my next post.


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