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Spartan - Total Warrior RAW Cheat Code List

Spartan - Total Warrior RAW Cheat Code List - This time I will share the RAW version of the cheat code list (without encryption) for the old school game called Spartan - Total Warrior. For those of you who like to cheat using applications like CheatDevice, you may want to know the codes that can be used. For that, here I share some code lists that make the game easier.

Cheat Code List

Spartan - Total Warrior

Enable Code (Must Be On)

9021EC90 0C087ACC

Gameplay Cheat Codes

Infinite Health

200C0220 8F838B90

200C0224 A46402FA

200C0228 03E00008

200C022C 000427C7

203BB660 0C030088

Max Infinite Rage

20451250 00000000

2045125C 8E030000

Max Infinite Arrows

2030DDAC 24020063


005EA67C 00000001

Max Kills

2057CB0C 000003E7

Weak Enemies

2057CB04 3C000000

Disable Hud

005EA685 00000001

Debug Free Camera

005EA689 00000001

No Background

005EA6AE 00000001

Unlockables Cheat Codes

Unlock All Single Mission Replay

20381330 2406000E

005EC1E8 0000000E

Unlock All Arena Challenges

20381344 24060005

005EC238 00000005

All Gallery

105EC252 00000101

405EC254 000A0001

01010101 00000000

Unlock Everything

005EC1E8 0000000E

205EC238 01010105

405EC23C 00100001

01010101 00000000

Those are some cheat codes that you can use using CheatDevice. If there is something you don't understand or want to ask, please ask via the comments column below. Hopefully this article is useful and see you in my next article.


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