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List of all characters in Samurai Warriors 2 and how to get them

List of all characters in Samurai Warriors 2 and how to get them - Samurai Warriors 2 is an action genre game where we can use several characters with different abilities and classes. This game is quite fun to play because each character has their own story. So, you could say it's a bit long to be able to finish this game. Here is a list of some of the characters that are in Samurai Warriors 2 as well as a guide to get them.


Ranmaru Mori

Ranmaru Mori is a special character that you can use and play in Free Mode. This character does not have a Story Mode. How to get it is a little unique. You can get this character by playing Survival Mode in the following order of Missions:

  • Floor 1: Complete Ranmaru's Request mission.
  • Floor 6: Complete any mission.
  • Floor 11: Complete Mitsuhide's Request mission.
  • Floor 16: Complete any mission.
  • Floor 21: Complete Mitsuhide's Request 2 mission.
  • Floor 26: Complete any mission.
  • Floor 31: Complete Ranmaru's Request 2 mission.

After completing the Ranmaru's Request 2 mission, you will get a notification that you got the character Ranmaru Mori. Make sure you follow the mission sequence for each floor to unlock this character.


Just like Ranmaru Mori, Okuni is a special character that you can get without going through Story Mode. To unlock Okuni, you have to play Sugoroku mode, a Monopoly-like game with Single Player settings. To make it easier, you can use characters who have speed because there are some duels that prioritize speed. If you can win the Sugoroku game for the first time, then Okuni's character will be unlocked and you will be able to start playing it in Free Play mode.

Nagamasa Azai

Complete story mode from Oichi.

Masamune Date

Complete story mode from Magoichi Saiga.

Hatori Hanzou

Complete the story mode of Kotarou Fuuma.

Tadakatsu Honda

Complete Ieyasu Tokugawa's story mode.

Ina (Inahime)

Complete Tadakatsu Honda story mode.

Keiji Maeda

Complete Kanetsugu Naoe's story mode.

Musashi Miyamoto

To get this character, you must unlock all the characters in Story Mode (all characters except Okuni and Ranmaru Mori).

Kanetsugu Naoe

Complete Yukimura Sarada's story mode.


Complete Hideyoshi Toyotomi's story mode.

No (Nouhime)

Complete Nobunaga Oda's story mode.

Nobunaga Oda

Complete story mode Magoichi Saiga.

Magoichi Saiga

Complete Mitsuhide Akechi's story mode.

Sakon Shima

Complete Mitsunari Ishida's story mode.

Yoshihiro Shimazu

Complete story mode Ginchiyo Tachibana.

Shingen Takeda

Complete story mode Kenshin Uesugi.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Complete Mitsunari Mitsunari story mode.

Kenshin Uesugi

Complete Kanetsugu Naoe's story mode.

Those are some of the characters in Samurai Warriors 2 and how to get them. If something is unclear or you want to ask, please ask via the comments column below. Thank you and see you in my next post.


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