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Fourth Weapon (Rare) of Kotaro Fuma (Samurai Warriors 2)

Fourth Weapon (Rare) of Kotaro Fuma (Samurai Warriors 2) - This time I will share a guide on how to get a rare weapon (rare weapon) from the character Kotarou Fuuma in the game Samurai Warriors 2. For those of you who like to play this game and want to get a rare weapon from this character, please read further.

Weapon Details

Weapon Name: Thorns of Peril

Element: Darkness

Base Attack: 45


  • Slot 1: Life +19
  • Slot 2: Attack +20
  • Slot 3: Attack +17
  • Slot 4: Speed +20
  • Slot 5: Speed +18
  • Slot 6: Dexterity +17
  • Slot 7: Musou Charge +18
  • Slot 8: Musou Charge +15

Conditions To Get

To get this weapon you have to work on and complete several missions. For that, I highly recommend that your character is level 20 or above so that you can work through each stage quickly.


Stage 6 - Defense of Odawara Castle


  1. Jump the castle walls through the path in front of you when you first start, then kill some small enemies while waiting for the dialogue and the "Destroy the Siege Ramp!" Mission to appear!
  2. After the mission appears, immediately destroy the Siege Ramp before reaching the castle walls. Make sure you destroy it after the mission message appears.
  3. After that, go to Naoshige Chiba's place and kill the 3 officers who attacked him. Do it after the mission to help Naoshige appear.
  4. Then, go to Ujiteru Houjou's place and kill the 3 officers who attacked him. Make sure to kill all three officers after the mission appears.
  5. After that, go straight into the castle. Then a new mission will appear to thwart the plan to burn the castle. If the mission has appeared please explore the 1st and 2nd floors of the castle and destroy all bomb jars and kill all fire ninjas (ninjas that attack with explosives). Don't go straight up to the 3rd floor or the mission will fail. You will know if you missed something or not from the completed mission notification. Before you get the mission notification completed, continue to search carefully the 1st and 2nd floors.
  6. When you're done, go straight up to the third floor and kill Nene to save your Commander.
  7. After that, go straight to Yasuhiro Ogasawara's place and kill the 2 officers who attacked him. If so then there will be a mission to escort him back to the castle. Kill all the enemies in the path to the castle. Escort until Sakon Shima makes an ambush. When you go to Yasuhiro Ogasawara, your castle will suddenly be ambushed by 6 enemy officers. Don't go back to the castle! Focus on escorting Yasuhiro first to get to the point of ambush by Sakon Shima.
  8. After Sakon Shima appears, kill Sakon Shima and reduce the number of men on the path to the castle (no need to clean) while making your way back to the castle.
  9. The next task, go straight back to the castle to kill 6 officers who are attacking. Make sure you do it quickly before Ujitada Hojo is killed by 3 officers. Just leave Yasuhiro if you think the number of enemy troops is not too much (not threatening Yasuhiro's life).
  10. When you have finished killing the six officers who attacked the castle, escort Yasuhiro back into the castle. After he entered the castle then a notification "A valuable item has been discovered!" will appear.
  11. Take the weapon in the black box that appears in the 1st floor castle.
  12. Complete the game and make sure you win the game.

That's a little information that I can share about the fourth weapon of Kotarou Fuuma's character in Samurai Warriors 2. If the valuable item notification doesn't appear, there are several possibilities as follows:

  • You complete the task before the mission notification appears.
  • One of the missions you failed to carry out.
  • One of the officers who had an effect on the mission, you failed to protect him (killed).

If something is still unclear or you want to ask, please ask via the comments column below. Thank you and see you in my next post.


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